Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valuable trading material

I'm not sure if anyone has seen that show "Doomsday Preppers" but the other day I watched an episode where some couple that doesn't drink alcohol spends thousands of dollars on liquor bottles. Why would they do such a thing, you ask? Because their logic is that when the world ends, people will want alcohol and it will hold immense value for trading purposes. Even though they may never enjoy it themselves, the investment is worth it. That's how I feel about these Ceremony records I got last night at their record release show...

I went last night to the Gilman just to see Cold World. It was also Ceremony's record release and I was in shock how many people were there. They pressed 300 of these blue vinyls for their record release shows. Kids were freaking out at the merch table to get them. By the end of the night they were all gone, because I went to ask if I could buy one more and the merch guy said they just had copies of it on black left. Ceremony is just one of those bands that you either love them or hate them. I can't say I hate them, but they are just not my cup of tea. I am all about good lyrics, and lyrics are what make or break a band for me. I do appreciate that they are doing something different and unique, but to me I just can't get into songs that say the same two lines over and over.

They also had some of these 7"s on clear vinyl for the record release so I scooped this up too. I hope that one day I can trade these to a Ceremony fan that just has to have them for something of more value to me. Cold World was off the fucking hook last night though. The kids were going CRAZY. Shows like this make me feel really old now, I got right up front before they played but had to vacate after one song. I kept thinking to myself "How will I explain a black eye at work on Monday?" I guess that's the shit you have to think about when you get older.

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