Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's all no use, It's all photo cropping...

Ok, So I know I'm a terrible photographer but I am trying to get better! I finally found a slightly better set up for my photos than the first round which were on my coffee table. I am now getting them next to a window upstairs with a little better natural lighting. Most importantly, I finally figured out how to use that damn "Iphoto" to crop the pictures so they look less shitty. I'll keep playing with it and as time goes on hopefully I'll get better, so please just bear with me for the time being :)

Here two copies of "Tied Down". One is the 2nd pressing (I think it was pressed in '85?) on pink (or violent, purple, whatever). I love this album on pink, I just think it looks so much better than the green! The Green is a repress from an unknown year. I was trying to see if anyone could help me figure it out. I traded for it with an old friend around 2006. I recently saw a copy at my local store that had "Free Digital Download" stickers on the shrink wrap, so I know that it must have been pressed again very recently and this is not that one. They are both on black vinyl. The green pressing has no lyric insert (atleast that I acquired in the trade) and the Chicago address. If anyone knows what year it came out or even how many of these were pressed, I would really appreciate some insight. 


  1. I'm no photographer either, is it worth taking the pics at a slight angle too though? Just to try and get rid of some of the glare that's in the first pic on the green version for instance? Just a thought

  2. Yeah still trying to get it all figured out, it has been particularly overcast up here lately and it's been hard to get any good sunlight and the flash of the camera causes too much of a glare on most the records/sleeves. The whole angle thing, I don't really realize it when I'm taking the pictures because i'm just standing directly above the records and trying to get a picture with the least glare. I'll have to figure out how to rotate the pictures a bit later on so they don't look so crooked. I wish they would make editing these things simpler!