Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a Cold World, keep your long johns on

Since I'm going to see Cold World tonight at the Ceremony record release at the Gilman, I decided to post the Cold World/War Hungry split before I leave. Since I love hip hop, and I love hardcore, it stands to reason that I would love Cold World, right? Cold World has hip hop references in damn near all their songs, and ever since I heard the "Big L Rest in Peace!" line in "Low Places" I have always loved Cold World (Big L is my favorite rapper, ever). Here is the two copies I have, unfortunately the two most generic ones (670 on red/670 on green of the 2nd pressing), but I won them both for $4 on a multiple sale ebay auction so whatever. The layout is pretty cool, it folds out and all the band members have their own page.

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