Friday, March 9, 2012

Take Offense Pre-Order finally arrived

I really liked Take Offense's "Tables Will Turn" LP so I had to pre order their new EP on Black from Reaper. It's strange, but kind of cool I guess, that they essentially put a 7" on a 12" and one side has no songs on it. I really think they should have taken advantage of the naked side and put a nice screen pressed image on it. Otherwise, I am digging the album art, but it does come with no insert. I haven't had a chance to hear it yet since it just came in yesterday, but I'll be listening to it later. 

I always feel kind of dirty buying something that's the most limited edition press on black vinyl. I just think color vinyl is too overused these days. I miss the days when it was your regular 900 on black, 100 on color or something like that, you know, keeping it simple. Take Offense was supposed to play here in Oakland last week but cancelled the day before and moved the show to Sacramento. I was pissed but hopefully they come back soon, they are always fantastic live.

Update: After sneaking in a couple listens, I really love this Suicidal Tenden.... ahem, I mean Take Offense record. That Suicidal Tendencies reference is NOT a knock on T.O., because Suicidal Tendencies is fucking sick, and so is this EP! I'm about to find an old hat to flip the bill up and write "T.O.ZONE" under it for sure.

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