Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Unfortunately me for me I will be at work tonight, but how about some Green vinyl and St. Patricks Day(ish) records to celebrate? I only took a couple, since its so overcast I can't get any natural daylight in to get good pictures so I've been having a difficult time with my crappy camera skills to get my girlfriends camera to focus.

The Duckhunt/Hammertime Split on Green speckled vinyl. Two bands that went on to play in a bunch of other bands (Sabertooth Zombie, Allegiance, Ceremony).

A random break beats album from the dollar bin. "Raw Beats" for DJ purposes. I was shocked to open it up and see this beautiful sea green marble with green label, though.

I've never been real big on Dropkick Murphy's, or any of the overly Irish stuff for that matter, but I have acquired some of their early 7 inches over the years. Mostly just to round out my TKO Records collection. Here is the best one, just because it has Anti-Heros on it. And the Anti-Heros rule, OK? I've seen this on blue and clear colored vinyl, but I just have the boring black version.

The Dropkick Murphy's/Oxymoron split. Meh.

Ouch, maybe I should have cleaned off that record a little better. Maybe its because I haven't even looked at it in 10 years. There's a few pics for you for St. Patty's, Have fun and be safe!

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