Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 Songs in 9 Minutes. Reality Choke.

Heres my 10" copy of Reality Choke by San Jose "grind violence" heavy hitters In Disgust. Before In Disgust there was Hostile Takeover, and before Hostile Takeover there was Corporate Villans (yes, misspelled on purpose). Corporate Villans was one of the first bands I played in and a bunch of fun. I remember the day of my 8th grade graduation, I never showed up so I could go play a Corporate Villans show at the "Chemical Free Zone" in Campbell. Way better than any stupid graduation!

Anyways, this release is not really my style but In Disgust was always really fun live and of course they're cool guys. I do know that in power violence, raw noise, grindcore, thrash whatever circles they are considered to be top tier. I don't even know the fucking difference between all those styles I just said so forgive me if I'm offending anyone haha. According to this had 566 on clear, 96 on black (hand numbered), 50 black test presses with silk screened "tooth brush shark" and 4 on black pressed as "b edition" copies. Damn, that is a shit load of test presses? I think it may have been like 50 record release/tour copies or something and 4 test presses, but thats just speculation.

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