Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Green

For those of you lucky enough to make it to United Blood, you'll get the catch the Iron Boots reuinion. I've been pumping this alot lately, and it bums me out I won't be able to go. For those of you who are not familar with Iron Boots, they are very good Warzone worship style with members from Fire & Ice. Actually, Grave Mistake posted a great article telling the whole story of this release on their blog a few months ago, so I suggest you go check that out. I absolutely love this cover and the green vinyl on this with the green sleeve. Classic design, classic record.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

HASSLER - Amorality

Most the time I am super late to every party, so I was glad I caught onto this during the early stages before they blow the fuck up. I was scrolling through the Grave Mistake store when I saw this cover that immediately caught my eye. I thought to myself "That looks an awful lot like Spoiler Art" so I clicked on the little link to investiage. I knew right away that the art work was from the hands of the almightly Spoiler, so right away I had to buy it for that reason alone. Another sick cover, one of my favorite ones by him. I love the baby in the locs with a knife. 

And how about the rat also saluting and taking a piss all over the place. Is that butt hair on the rats butt cheeks? You better believe it. On to the music... I don't know what is in the water up there in Toronto, but holy shit they are pumping out some good hardcore right now. You really need to check this release out, the band has it up for free download on their bandcamp. It is your typical early 80's hardcore revival type stuff, but executed perfectly with great vocals and lots of fast distortion. This thing is just really good and I can't stop listening to it. This isn't straight Boston hardcore worship like alot of bands are (which is a good thing), but this reminds me a little bit more of old Circle Jerks or Black Flag mixed in songs like "Trainwreck". My favorite song is "Retaliation", because it sounds so much like 86 Mentality.

Beach Impediment Records currently has copies of this on Green Vinyl /100 too. I don't think those will last song so I would STRONGLY suggest getting one before you miss out on one of the best releases of the year. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That hard ass GANGSTA SHIT

If you're a hip hop head then you already know what time it is with this EP. Freddie Gibbs' "Str8 Killa" is a modern gangster rap classic. Hailing from Gary, Indiana Freddie Gibbs is one of the sickest and most skilled MC's around today that is with that hard ass gangster style. Gangster Gibbs has a signature flow, super fast ripping through every line with a bit of southern accent mixed in for good measure. At times Freddie Gibbs reminds me of Kool G Rap and at times he reminds me of Bun B and UGK. This EP is only 8 tracks and each one bumps ridiculously hard with deep bass lines and unique flows.

Released by the Alchemist's DECON Records, this is a sweet looking picture disc 12". The yellow and red pops on the black vinyl and this looks fucking sweet. Why don't punk and hardcore bands release more picture discs? Now that I think of it, out of all the records I own, a very small percentage of them are picture discs.

"Player haters fuck em, record label fuck em, radio fuck em, hoe my shit still be bumpin!"

Check out the video for "National Anthem", starring Freddie Gibbs as a runaway slave? Oh shit!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Shirks

Recently Grave Mistake put up orders for the Shirks new 12" on limited red vinyl. I had never heard the Shirks, but being a collector of GM color vinyl I had to jump in and get it. This thing is limited to /100 copies and is still available. The Shirks are really over the top distorted garage punk rock. They sound dirty and raw, but catchy as hell at the same time. With song titles like "Sex Gear", and "Dirty Teen Wolf" these Washington D.C. fuckers sound like a ton of fun to watch and party with. Another fantastic GM release! This may be a sleeper top album for 2013.....

I love that Grave Mistake doesn't do obscene amounts of color vinyl, or my biggest pet peeve ever make black vinyl limited (Reaper, I'm looking at you!). When I hold a piece of color vinyl in my hands, I like to think that it's special and that there are a million copies on black, but I have one of the rare few color copies. Thanks GM for keeping it gangsta like that.

Here's a track from their old 7" since I couldn't find anything from the new LP on youtube.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


You know when you hear that record that hits you like a ton of bricks, and you wonder how did I miss this for so long? After reading the UTOPIA BANISHED and SKULL FUCKED best of 2012 posts, I decided to check out some of the releases on the list that I hadn't heard yet. Utopia Banished and Skull Fucked had EXCELLENT top 2012 list, so how could I doubt anything on these lists? Anyways, I decided to give Violent Future a shot, and I'm super glad I did.

 I was completely blown the fuck away when I heard this. All year, I have had Shipwrecked - Last of the Pagans at my top spot for 2012, and this release may even challenge that. Words can't describe how impressed I am by this band. It is a great mix of super raw hardcore with a touch of Oi!... That's what I'm fucking talking about!!! All of that youth crew and metal influenced hardcore is nice and all, but compared to shit like this you just can't fuck with it. This is definitely one of my favorite releases of the last decade, period. Ever since discovering this I've been in a constant Violent Future listening frenzy. If you don't own this yet, then you're retarded. There's no other way to put it. You can even download it for free from the label, so what excuse do you have?

I don't know the pressing info for this release but I atleast know that Painkiller put out some red vinyl for this and I'll definitely be in the hunt for that. There is really nothing left to say, just go buy this release immediately. GOON LIFE!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here are one of those underrated thrashy hardcore bands with a weird name... The Bukkake Boys. I was able to pick up this white pressing of their 7" on ebay for dirt cheap, which is limited to /200 copies. This is another nice 7" but not quite as good as their 12" that came out later. Their singers voice is a bit more high pitched on this release. I'm glad to have both of these Sorry State releases on limited color vinyl though. Be very, very careful searching "Bukkake Boys" in google though. The police might show up at your house and accuse you of gay underage porn or something, because some very weird shit comes up. I gave up finding much info about this band after one search. I like the nod to the Descendants with the "Kabuki Guys" label on the B-Side though. Another solid Sorry State release.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Criminal Code

Here is the Criminal Code "Hollowed" EP put out by Deranged Records. Deranged sticks to its usual design scheme with over simplified art. The only place it says the bands name is on a cheesy little sticker on the poly bag. Deranged described these guys as "moody Midwest hardcore", and I would say that description is pretty accurate. To me this release almost sounds more like moody garage punk than hardcore, but it is pretty good listen whatever you call it. I won't hesitate to pick up their LP when it drops this year. These guys remind me alot of Dark Ages, which is a good thing!

It appears that Crim Code is fans of the square them as a logo. Their "Sacred Hands" 7" looks almost identical to this except it is on a black background. This is the limited vinyl version, but I have no idea how many were pressed.