Saturday, March 23, 2013

HASSLER - Amorality

Most the time I am super late to every party, so I was glad I caught onto this during the early stages before they blow the fuck up. I was scrolling through the Grave Mistake store when I saw this cover that immediately caught my eye. I thought to myself "That looks an awful lot like Spoiler Art" so I clicked on the little link to investiage. I knew right away that the art work was from the hands of the almightly Spoiler, so right away I had to buy it for that reason alone. Another sick cover, one of my favorite ones by him. I love the baby in the locs with a knife. 

And how about the rat also saluting and taking a piss all over the place. Is that butt hair on the rats butt cheeks? You better believe it. On to the music... I don't know what is in the water up there in Toronto, but holy shit they are pumping out some good hardcore right now. You really need to check this release out, the band has it up for free download on their bandcamp. It is your typical early 80's hardcore revival type stuff, but executed perfectly with great vocals and lots of fast distortion. This thing is just really good and I can't stop listening to it. This isn't straight Boston hardcore worship like alot of bands are (which is a good thing), but this reminds me a little bit more of old Circle Jerks or Black Flag mixed in songs like "Trainwreck". My favorite song is "Retaliation", because it sounds so much like 86 Mentality.

Beach Impediment Records currently has copies of this on Green Vinyl /100 too. I don't think those will last song so I would STRONGLY suggest getting one before you miss out on one of the best releases of the year.