Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Shirks

Recently Grave Mistake put up orders for the Shirks new 12" on limited red vinyl. I had never heard the Shirks, but being a collector of GM color vinyl I had to jump in and get it. This thing is limited to /100 copies and is still available. The Shirks are really over the top distorted garage punk rock. They sound dirty and raw, but catchy as hell at the same time. With song titles like "Sex Gear", and "Dirty Teen Wolf" these Washington D.C. fuckers sound like a ton of fun to watch and party with. Another fantastic GM release! This may be a sleeper top album for 2013.....

I love that Grave Mistake doesn't do obscene amounts of color vinyl, or my biggest pet peeve ever make black vinyl limited (Reaper, I'm looking at you!). When I hold a piece of color vinyl in my hands, I like to think that it's special and that there are a million copies on black, but I have one of the rare few color copies. Thanks GM for keeping it gangsta like that.

Here's a track from their old 7" since I couldn't find anything from the new LP on youtube.

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