Sunday, March 3, 2013

Criminal Code

Here is the Criminal Code "Hollowed" EP put out by Deranged Records. Deranged sticks to its usual design scheme with over simplified art. The only place it says the bands name is on a cheesy little sticker on the poly bag. Deranged described these guys as "moody Midwest hardcore", and I would say that description is pretty accurate. To me this release almost sounds more like moody garage punk than hardcore, but it is pretty good listen whatever you call it. I won't hesitate to pick up their LP when it drops this year. These guys remind me alot of Dark Ages, which is a good thing!

It appears that Crim Code is fans of the square them as a logo. Their "Sacred Hands" 7" looks almost identical to this except it is on a black background. This is the limited vinyl version, but I have no idea how many were pressed. 

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