Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bloody Gears S/T

Here is the limited version of Bloody Gears' s/t 7" on Deranged. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really love Bloody Gears! They are so weird, dark and unique. It is hard for me to put my finger on them exactly, but I would say their comparisons to Husker Du and Leatherface are somewhat correct. Very dark and a bit melodic without being poppy. Bloody Gears have a harder edge than those two though. Check this shit out! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sickoids - No Home

Recently Grave Mistake and Sorry State did a split release for the Sickoids "No Home" EP. Essentially a big ass 7", 6 raging songs of USHC. I can't really put my finger on the Sickoids for a comparison, but I will tell you this... right here you have yourself an incredible release! Sickoids are really doing it big and have a refreshing, unique sound. The vocals are great on this, and the music is fast and raw while sounding crisp and tight at the same time. 

This release looks great on clear and comes with a hand numbered obi strip out of /338. Some copies are apparently still available at Sorry State, so if you end up picking up their other excellent Manipulation release then pick this up as well (and the Rough Kids release is excellent too, which I'll do a review for soon). With those two recent release, Sorry State really has it going on right now. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Towards the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, I was not paying a whole lot of attention to record collecting. Most of my attention was focused on other more important stuff, so I had totally slept on MFP. However, when Utopia Banished posted about them I took notice. Not too long after I headed over to Painkiller and picked up a copy of their 7".

As described on the Painkiller page; "hardcore influenced by hardcore", this is essentially stripped down Boston hardcore. Is there anything special about it? I don't really think so. I don't think MFP brings it to that next level the way some of the other Boston hardcore bands are doing with this similar style. Does that mean I don't like this EP? Fuck no, this thing is pretty darn good. Sometimes simple and generic is just what the doctor ordered, and this thing is plain fun all the way around. I just wish I would have gotten a copy on blue when I had a chance! On a side note, this may be remember as the best cover of the year. I mean, a HC kid breaking through a brick wall, with a baby flying out of a crib?Take no prisoners!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Striking Distance - March To Your Grave

Without a doubt the story of the year will be the Black n Blue Bowl fest tonight with the reunion of the almighty Judge. However, a month ago in Washington DC had (in my opinion) one of the most amazing line ups I've ever seen for a festival at Damaged City Festival. Without a doubt, it seems the East Coast festivals are far more superior than the West Coast ones. Striking Distance repressed their classic "March to Your Grave" LP for the festival. 

So here's the amazing part... Can someone explain to me how my retarded ass has never heard Striking Distance before I received a copy of this limited press? Holy shit, this is fucking amazing. After doing some research on it, I am not the only one that immediately thought this blows away 99% of all the shit that has come out over the past 10-15 years. Now I listen to this group almost non stop to make up for all the time lost. I can't believe I slept on this for 10 plus years. What a dummy. 

Released on Youngblood and Grave Mistake records, #173/200. This was pressed on all black vinyl with hand numbered screen pressed cardboard covers. 

A nice little poster with the lyrics. What an album. I am so glad I got to discover this in the form of a limited edition press, I'm just pissed that it took me so long. Check out Striking Distance at Damaged City Fest below:


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hatred Surge

Here is a 7" from Austin Texas powerviolence band Hatred Surge. I kind of bought this because it was put out by Painkiller and had a sweet cover and band name. I will leave this to some of the other blogger crew that are more knowledgable in this style. There are some parts I like, but it is dual male and female vocals. I happen to find the female vocals annoying as fuck, but once again I don't really know jack shit about this style of music (I'm not sure if this is even "powerviolence"?) so my opinion shouldn't matter much to you. Now I'm off to work, have a nice day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Stupid Hot Oi!

I am always very skeptical of any new Oi! music. Most of the time it is just corny and not done right, but sometimes I get a real surprise that reminds me why I love it so much. I had heard a few things about this band Victory, hailing from St. Paul Minnesota. I heard Oi! the Boat was going to be releasing a 7" for them a few months back and figured I would jump right on it to get a limited copy. To my surprise, the yellow vinyl out of /100 sold out in minutes! That is UNHEARD of for Oi! music. What the fuck is going on??? All of the black vinyl sold out in about an hour and forty minutes. Unbelievable. This thing sold out faster than the Mob Justice LP on sea foam green!

I feel lucky that I snagged one of the yellow copies for this "Stupid Hot Oi!" band. This thing does not let down, except for the song "Real Heroes" which I am not that into. "American Nightmare" is by far my favorite, and when I first put it on it immediately reminded me of Stormwatch. This is true blue, simple, patriotic American Oi! They definitely remind me of the "glory days" of American Oi! bands like Anti-Heros and Combat Ready. As I was doing research for this post, I saw Victory posted a new release yesterday of /300 on black vinyl that completely sold out in a few hours also. This is mind blowing to me, considering copies of Losin It's "No Apology" LP were available on pre order pink /50 for like 2 plus months. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sectarian Violence - Upward Hostility

Back when I first started this blog, one of my first posts had Sectarian Violence's 7" from Grave Mistake. I can only laugh when I look back at the old pictures I took that look like shit. I liked that release at the time, but I pretty much listened to it once or twice and forgot about it. Nothing on that release really stuck with me enough to make me want to listen to it again. I wasn't really expecting a whole lot from this release, but being limited Grave Mistake vinyl I knew I would have to have it anyways. All that being said, Sectarian Violence knocked this one out of the park. This is a fantastic release, and no doubt will be in many Top 10 lists for 2013.

I feel like international straight edge hardcore powerhouse Sectarian Violence really found their niche on this release. What's funny is now that I go back and listen to their old 7", I love that shit now too. I don't know why I never gave it more of a chance. Right now, I am on a total S.V. kick. As of right now, this limited blue vinyl is still available and I believe it is out of /200. And you european fuckers can find this shit on even more limited vinyl at Carry the Weight Records! Don't sleep on this and end up regretting it. I may end up ordering this from Europe as well. 

I love the simple design of this record and the poster. Since it has a chick with an AK-47, I just so happened to have some AK rounds lying around so I figured I would throw them in the pic to give all you non gun nerds an idea what an AK round (7.62 x 39mm) looks like. Actually, judging from the indentations on the wood grips in the picture that rifle very well may be an AK-74 which chambers a smaller round, but let's not get all technical. This record rules, OK.

People often ask me which one I suggest more, the AK-47 or the AR-15... My answer is BOTH! =)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kinda Stepping 2 Rhythm

I really enjoyed Turnstile's "Pressure to Succeed", so I was all over the pre order for Step 2 Rhythm. Unfortunately the most limited version was the black out of /300. I am sick of Reaper pulling that bullshit. The most common pressing was on green, why not have the green be limited instead Reaper? 

The 2nd most limited was the "White" on /500, but it really is like a gray color. This has to  have one of the lamest covers and back sides I've seen recently. Mike said it best when he noted that the dude on the back is a little hairy vagina dancing guy. I am kind of torn on this release. I kind of like it, but I kind of don't. The band went for a bit of a softer more melodic approach compared to their first release. I understand that bands like to grow musically and make different stuff, but this is hardcore dudes. There are some weird singing parts on this that just sound like shit. Some bands can pull it off (think Take Offense), but Turnstile is just not that band. While playing it in the car, my girl even clowned on me and asked if I was listening to Linkin Park (ouch). This release is decent ("Pushing Me Away" may be my favorite Turnstile song), but the soft parts were a let down for me.

We'll see if Turnstile comes correct and sticks to the core next time around. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Manipulation - S/T

I made a blind order recently from Sorry State Records when the put up pre orders for this 12" by Manipulation from Chicago. With a hand numbered Obi strip and limited beautiful orange marble vinyl, it didn't take much for me to pull the trigger on this. Even though I could have downloaded this for free from Sorry State's bandcamp, I just went ahead and ordered it and I'm happy I did. Manipulation plays stripped down USHC foaming at the mouth with anger and frustration. This is an excellent release. If you were smart you'd pick one up while the orange vinyl is still available! I didn't enjoy this that much on the first listen, but I put it on my phone to play in my car for a few days and now I'm hooked. The vocals had to grow on me after a few listens, but I am digging this shit for sure. It has a surprisingly fresh and new sound to it that I haven't heard in many recent hardcore releases.

The cover is kind of odd for this. I can't really tell what it is, it just appears to be a picture of someone wearing some sort of hood. The obi strip is a little bit strange as well. The simple, unique look seems to represent the music well though.

Hand numbered out of /225. The orange vinyl on this looks really incredible. I always have a major soft spot in my heart for some nice marble vinyl. Don't sleep on this release!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Step Aside Cali Weekend '13

Back in March, I was stoked that I got to go see Step Aside and Mindset on their "Cali Weekend" tour. Step Aside's "Reaching Out" was one of the best releases of 2012. Now that I have this, I think I have almost every pressing of this release (including a test press). This is a really sharp looking Bones Brigade rip.

There were 50 pressed and they were only sold at those three California shows. I like the Life to Live Records Revelation rip that they did. At the Gilman show, I don't remember that many people buying these. Everyone was busy trying to get a copy of Mindset's "Leave No Doubt" on white. 

My copy was on black and I scored 2 other copies for Jake and Mike. Me and Mike's copies were on black vinyl while Jake's was on white. I wonder if they used other colors in the limited fifty? If you don't have a copy of this 7" then you are seriously living under a rock! There is still some pretty limited copies left of the 2nd press available at Life to Live.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mob Justice Collection

It seems I've been sitting on this review for so damn long that I've forgotten what I wanted to say about it. I am pretty much the last blogger to post this shit now. I was going to post it the day I got it, only to find out that a second press on red was put up almost the same day the first press was shipped. I just figured well, I'll wait to post it until the red copy comes in... Then I saw everyone blog about this (I think even my grandma blogged about this shit already), and I felt discouraged and figured I would just wait it out a while. 

There is not much you can say about the hysteria and hype surrounding the Rival Mob. Most of their previous vinyl goes for obscene prices, so I knew I would have to be on top of these pre orders to have any chance at scoring some limited vinyl. I remember the day this was set to be released sitting there hitting refresh on my internet browser like a jackass, secretly hoping I'd score some special pre order out of /100 or something. My vinyl wet dream didn't come true, but I was at able to grab all the limited shit that was available.

So here is the whole collection. According to Rev, it is Seafoam Green /438, Black vinyl /655, Gold Vinyl /1095 and (2nd press) Red Vinyl /958. I hate that rev pressed it somewhat limited on black. All these labels need to stop trying to be all unique and special, and just keep it simple. I like having color vinyl that makes me feel special. Let the black vinyl be for all those non collectors that don't give a shit. 

When I heard Rev went with sea foam green, I thought it was pretty symbolic. Do I really have to say what this immediately reminded me of??? Especially considering this is one of Rev's first truly relevant releases in a long time. That being said, the sea foam green truly does look beautiful. This version of the record sold out almost immediately after it was posted. Considering it had over 400 copies, that means alot of people were all over it trying to score a copy. I'm glad that I scored one. 

For the super vinyl nerds out there I figured I would take a picture of all the stickers (or so you can tell without opening a copy). The first press came with just a black sticker for the black vinyl copy, and blue stickers with hand written notes for the color copies. The 2nd press came with a red and black sticker.

As for the music itself, there is probably nothing I could say that would affect your opinion either way. This will be in the top record of the year spots on most of the vinyl blogs. This is an excellent record and will probably be remembered as a hardcore classic 20 years from now. MOB RULES ALL