Monday, May 6, 2013

Manipulation - S/T

I made a blind order recently from Sorry State Records when the put up pre orders for this 12" by Manipulation from Chicago. With a hand numbered Obi strip and limited beautiful orange marble vinyl, it didn't take much for me to pull the trigger on this. Even though I could have downloaded this for free from Sorry State's bandcamp, I just went ahead and ordered it and I'm happy I did. Manipulation plays stripped down USHC foaming at the mouth with anger and frustration. This is an excellent release. If you were smart you'd pick one up while the orange vinyl is still available! I didn't enjoy this that much on the first listen, but I put it on my phone to play in my car for a few days and now I'm hooked. The vocals had to grow on me after a few listens, but I am digging this shit for sure. It has a surprisingly fresh and new sound to it that I haven't heard in many recent hardcore releases.

The cover is kind of odd for this. I can't really tell what it is, it just appears to be a picture of someone wearing some sort of hood. The obi strip is a little bit strange as well. The simple, unique look seems to represent the music well though.

Hand numbered out of /225. The orange vinyl on this looks really incredible. I always have a major soft spot in my heart for some nice marble vinyl. Don't sleep on this release!

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  1. Where would the fun have been in downloading this first man? I do that kinda thing all the time