Friday, May 10, 2013

Kinda Stepping 2 Rhythm

I really enjoyed Turnstile's "Pressure to Succeed", so I was all over the pre order for Step 2 Rhythm. Unfortunately the most limited version was the black out of /300. I am sick of Reaper pulling that bullshit. The most common pressing was on green, why not have the green be limited instead Reaper? 

The 2nd most limited was the "White" on /500, but it really is like a gray color. This has to  have one of the lamest covers and back sides I've seen recently. Mike said it best when he noted that the dude on the back is a little hairy vagina dancing guy. I am kind of torn on this release. I kind of like it, but I kind of don't. The band went for a bit of a softer more melodic approach compared to their first release. I understand that bands like to grow musically and make different stuff, but this is hardcore dudes. There are some weird singing parts on this that just sound like shit. Some bands can pull it off (think Take Offense), but Turnstile is just not that band. While playing it in the car, my girl even clowned on me and asked if I was listening to Linkin Park (ouch). This release is decent ("Pushing Me Away" may be my favorite Turnstile song), but the soft parts were a let down for me.

We'll see if Turnstile comes correct and sticks to the core next time around. 


  1. I take it you slyly loosened her seatbelt and then hit the brakes hard for an insult of that magnitude?

  2. This record has grown on me like the hair on that cartoon dude's vag. It is easily my most listened to release of the year at this point. Can't stop spinning it.

    Linkin Park? Ouch. Don't play that last No Warning album for her if you want to avoid that insult again.