Thursday, January 31, 2013

Your Rules

I kind of picked this up on a whim at a record store in the used section recently. I knew I had heard of Terminal State before, and I noticed it was a Deranged Record release... so for five bucks why not? After bringing it home and listening to it, this is actually a really excellent release. I came to find out that this Toronto band now has members in School Jerks. However, I prefer these guys all day over School Jerks. If you get a chance download this album, it is excellent early 80's style hardcore punk. Simple and to the point, but very effective in what it is trying to do.  The whole thing comes in at just over 8 minutes. 

I really like the design and layout on this. The cover art is great and I love the insert. Yeah, this could have totally came out in '82. I don't know if this had any color vinyl or anything about the pressing info.

You can listen to the whole thing here. It will only take you 8 minutes, so you might as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'm actually quite surprised I'm the first to post the much anticipated Leave No Doubt LP by Mindset. This was one of the most anticipated and hyped records of 2012, and I was all over it when the pre order dropped. These were the three colors available to us internet users. There is a bit of confusion as to what the actual pressing info is. 

React Records says: /750 black, /400 white and /250 blue smoke. As you can see, I ordered these from React and I do not have a white copy. 

Discogs Says: /1000 black, /400 red smoke, and /200 blue smoke. Clear version for their European tour /300,  /100 white and a hand numbered record release copy out of /80 (not sure which color that is on or what it looks like). 

So the question is, does anyone know the real info on these??? I'm confused!

I really like the live shot and the lay out for this record. Really top notch. 

The red smoke reminds me of the Rotting Out 2nd press except a bit lighter. 

This blue "smoke", or blue marble looks fantastic. Definitely the sharpest looking of the bunch.

Here's the album insert with the lyrics on the back.

A very cool big poster that came with my package deal. I was kind of forced into buying it because the 3 record deal came with either a poster, or a t shirt. Whatever. This will probably stay folded up next to the records on my shelves. As you know, this is a very good record and one of the best releases of 2012. Is it an instant classic like many claim it to be? I don't know, I guess time will tell. I am looking forward to seeing these guys in March, so maybe seeing them live will change my mind about this record being considered a classic. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Aussie Bias

For as much shit I talk about the "bias" of small town American bands and how no one shows them love, I am guilty of the same shit but in a different context. I bought this record by Australia's BLKOUT this past summer. I don't know why it's taken me half a year to give it a listen, but it is definitely really good. BLKOUT brings that NYHC "urban" style hardcore like Madball and Cold World, which is right up my alley! I have a feeling this is going to be a regular listen for me now. 

This album comes on Splatter vinyl which on the Six Feet Under site says there were 300 pressed with 100 going to each label. So does that mean 100 of 3 different colors, or 300 of all this color? If someone could clarify, please do. I am not really a fan of the artwork or the splatter vinyl on this. I am not a complete splatter vinyl hater (Mike, here's looking at you) but I do think there are certain standards for splatter vinyl to make it appealing. For one, I like to see at least 2 to 3 colors mixed in with the splatter. I think if this band had a better band name they would probably take off. I mean "BLKOUT"? It's disappointing to me that the music on this is so fantastic, yet the artwork and band name suck.

Come's with a poster. Meh.

I'm much more excited about this music video. Fucking awesome, spray painting the lyrics all over town. Yeah, these guys rule.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He switched from Rum to Whiskey...

Without a doubt one of my favorite albums ever and one of my favorite guilty pleasures. This record is kind of like when you eat sushi and you eat those little ginger slices in between different rolls to freshen your taste buds. This is just what I need from time to time to get a change of pace from all the hardcore, rap and punk rock. I'm still not exactly sure what to label the Murder City Devils, so I'll just call them "incredible".  This is the band's third release, and it is really a tie for my favorite release by them between this and "Empty Bottles and Broken Hearts". Come to think of it I also have that on vinyl but no pictures of it? Expect a post soon...

I just love how dark and depressing all their shit is. But the best thing about this band is their use of the organ that makes it feel like one long rocking funeral. How cool is the inside of the gate fold? It's a bunch of pictures of the band as murder victims, and it's gory and awesome. This album has my favorite Murder City track, "Rum to Whiskey" on it. Go ahead and listen to it below:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Clearly Sleeping, Again...

Here is another great record from last year that I slept on for too long. I missed out on all the limited versions and had to settle for the most generic version out of /600. Excellent straight edge hardcore, I don't know why I slept for too long. Oh well. It has proven to be difficult to search for much info on this band with a name like "Clear". I can only imagine trying to find any of their shit on Ebay, might be worse than searching for "Give". 

So I've been in a major slump for not only posting but buying records as well. As I've talked about before, with all the stuff going on this country and the focus on banning guns and ammunition, it's been hard for me to justify any of my limited funds on slabs of wax right now. Once all the smoke clears (no pun intended), I can get back in the game. 

A little food for thought for everyone, regardless of how you may feel about guns or the 2nd Amendment... I encourage people not to celebrate more of their freedoms and liberties being taken away. In years from now there may be an administration who is the opposite, and looking to take away things that you hold dear. Regardless of which way the political tide flows, look at the big picture of our rights being restricted or not. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brain Tumors - Fuck You Forever

I really wanted to like this release from Deranged. Not much is known about the band except for the explanation I read on the Deranged site, something along the lines of "fast retarded Midwest hardcore". The music on this thing sounds GREAT, it's just that the vocalist is incredibly annoying with high pitched squeally vocals. Only if they had a different singer... As for the packaging it looks fantastic. The pink vinyl is beautiful with the black and pink record cover. This would probably be more appealing to fans of Japanese hardcore I guess. I would advise giving a quick listen before buying. Why do I give up $5 so carelessly?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Factory Minds - A Modern Classic

Here is San Jose's own Factory Minds. I can't complete my top 2011 list without one of the best slabs to come out that year! I'm surprised I haven't posted this yet, because this album is a modern classic. Factory Minds brings a mix of the Clash, the Real Kids and a little Oi! and Reggae influence. Of course adding a little Bay Area flare that you just can't fuck with. Factory Minds formed after the break up of Call to Arms and The Last Chordz and has become one of San Jose's strongest and well known bands. Recently they opened for the Cock Sparrer and Rancid tour. They are one of my favorite live bands to see and it's always so refreshing to go to their shows. At their live shows you rarely see anyone moshing or any of that, it's usually a more mature crowd and alot of couples dancing and having a great time singing along and getting drunk. So awesome. Usually a bunch of chicks go up to the front row to strut their stuff and dance around, haha. 

Really awesome artwork. The Vinyl was pressed on Arrest Records and the CD version was pressed on Downtown Academy out of Sacramento, home of bands like Pressure Point and Whiskey Rebels. You guys know how I feel about Arrest Records, awesome up and coming label!

On a sweet Camo Green out of /300. There are still a couple copies left so go scoop one! I can't wait for them to start playing shows again, they've been on hiatus for probably the last 6 months. Hopefully they'll get with it soon!

Comes with a little poster if that's your thing. Check out "Waiting in the Cold" below:

I'm waiting for the last bus... and I'll be waiting in the cold again!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Girl Punk

Traditionally I have never been that into punk bands with girl singers. I'm not sexist, it's just rare that I can find girl vocals in punk that I genuinely like and can listen to more than once or twice. This band caught my attention since it was released on Deranged and I went to check out their video (below). This album from Canada's White Lung is pretty darn good. My girlfriend actually really likes it surprisingly. Maybe that has made me like it less, it seems like the music I enjoy most is the stuff that gets her irritated and annoyed in the car ("Oh my god, not Sean Price again..."). This band is definitely skilled and come with some serious heat on this release though, so don't mistake them for a novelty act. I saw something on facebook this was nominated by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the best albums of the year, but that dude had Taylor Swift at No. 2 so his list is irrelevant. I also seen some site where this was nominated for best album art of the year? I don't know about that, I don't think there is anything all that special about it but whatever. Point is, there seems to be some main stream buzz over this release so who knows, maybe they'll be all over MTV soon and I'll be able to sell this "OG" pressing White Lung and buy Bringin it Down on green or something. Yeah, keep dreaming.

And the singer is maybe light weight cute, no?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Deptartment of Youth Sevices

The Brotherhood LP by DYS is my favorite from the band and most people would agree with that statement. True Boston hardcore before they went for a more metal/crossover sound. This classic LP can easily be argued into anyones "All Time Best Hardcore" album list. Eventually I would like to own the XClaim #4 copy of this, but when I saw that Taang! was reissuing this on red vinyl /500 I was all over it. They are still available at Rev HQ and if you are a fan of old school Boston hardcore then this is a must own. This is one of the best hardcore records ever made, so don't sleep and go pick up a copy on color vinyl for cheap instead of getting raped on Ebay!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 2013 Record Already???

What a great way to start the 2013. Mark my words, this record from Florida's Losin' It will go down as one of the best of 2013 and be on everyone's top ten list because it fucking rips. It's a big step up from their first 7". I feel like the band has found themselves on this release and are ready to do some serious damage. On their first release there are times when the vocals annoyed me because I thought they sounded dorky, but now they sound venomous as all hell. But don't just take my word for it because you can stream the whole thing for free. 10 absolute rippers that are hard to beat. I'm going to be forever bummed though because the morning that Life to Live put this up for pre orders they also put some seven inches up for sale that sold immediately. By the time I could get on and order they were all gone. Now I'll have to track one down for my LTL test press collection.

This is Life to Live's 11th release and their first LP they've done. They are really starting to evolve into one of the better hardcore labels right now, every thing they have released has been sick so far. I really love the cover art on this. 

The blue is the most common pressing but looks rad. Out of /225.

The pink looks pretty sharp too. Out of /175.

The mystery "Pre order color" is a cotton candy swirl very similar to that last Dead End Path LP. What's strange is on the Life to Live order page it says that the pre order color is out of /100, but as you can clearly see this version is hand numbered out of /50. Even better. If you haven't gotten this yet then quit fucking around and go pick it up, ALL THREE colors are still available! It also come's with a sweet poster: