Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rotting Out 2nd Press

So when I heard that 6131 would be repressing Street Prowl I was all over it. The first press sold out pretty fast, and I only managed to get a red copy and black copy with printed labels. I've seen the clear copy of the first press go for over $60 on ebay, so I may have to wait a few years before I acquire that one. I headed over to the 6131 store and saw that there were only two colors pressed, so I put in a pre order for 2 copies. The layout was slightly redone, obviously its in black and white now and different back picture. You can check out my old post on this album for more info.

The colors were a kind of whitish gray marble and a reddish black swirl. I'll go ahead and coin them "bone" and "blood red" marble. The red actually looks very nice when held up to the sunlight. I'm not sure which one is more limited or what the pressing info on this is. One thing I found interesting was that the blood red version came with the "Rotting Out" sticker on the polybag, while the bone marble version had no sticker. I'm not sure if it is like that for all copies, but that may possibly be a way to tell the colors apart if it is sealed?

Another big ass poster, though not quite as big a poster as the first press, still pretty cool. The lyrics are on the back. I've been listening to this release alot lately and it is really quite excellent. However, some bands are better on record than they are live, and some bands are better live than they are on record. Rotting Out is better live than they are on record. They are one of the best live bands I have seen in a long time, and I'm hoping that they can find a way to channel that live stage presence and energy into their recordings a little bit more for their next release.

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