Friday, August 24, 2012

Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy, and Clothing Advice

Here is my copy of Omegas' "Blasts of Lunacy". Great band name, great record name, great cover art/layout. Simple and to the point. This has been one of the more hyped records of the past few years, and was at the top of many 2011 best of lists. It was out of press for a minute so I finally scooped a copy up a few months ago. There are some very good songs and parts of this album where they flash brilliance, but I don't think it's consistent enough all the way through to warrant the hype that it has received. Like many bands, it really comes down to vocals for me and there are times where the singers voice just flat out annoys me. Maybe this will grow on me like that Fire & Ice LP did, time will tell. I've been trying really hard to get into this. 

Maybe this is what annoyed me right from opening the packaging. The two things I hate most about hardcore music are 1) Hardcore dancing and 2) Short shorts/Tiny ass clothes. I'm sorry but if you are a grown ass man, please cover up your legs nobody wants to see that shit. Have some respect for yourself. They're called Dickies, go buy some! So I am 6'0, almost 200 pounds and I rock a 2XL or XL tee, I have seen guys my size at shows right next to me at the merch table buying a size small or medium. Really bro? I'll never forget last time I saw Trapped Under Ice that "freaky franz" guy was working their merch table. I went up to buy a 2XL shirt, and there was a guy next to me that tried to get a small and he was almost my size. The merch guy asked him if the shirt was for him, dude says "Yes" and the merch guy said he refused to sell him anything less than a large and said that he needs to buy a "grown man size, like this guy" (points at me). I literally lost my shit. I felt kind of bad laughing right in the guys face but it was the funniest merch table moment I've ever seen. 


  1. Haha good story, although surely a 2xl is a little extreme for a man of your stature? I mean Im bigger than you and draw the line at a XL haha. Your shorts comment is bang on though sir.

  2. Seriously. Sounds like I'm your size, and I'd swim in a 2XL. XL or L for me. As for the album, great stuff...I've got one that I'll get around to posting about in a month or so.

  3. My general rule is 100% cotton = 2XL, 50/50 or Preshrunk = XL. 100% cotton always shrinks atleast a full size after the first wash it seems.