Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lagging on my posts, and I'm Not Sorry

If you thought by the post name I was citing some Black Sheep Squadron lyrics then you may be disappointed. Here is two recent pickups I got of Not Sorry's two seven inches. I hadn't really heard these Northwest ragers since recently, but holy SHIT are these guys slept on. Straight ahead youth crew hardcore. These are actually some of my favorite recent pick ups and I regret not checking these guys out sooner. I'm surprised these guys aren't getting the hype that bands like Mindset are getting. You got to love the sweet Wishing Well layout on the labels too.

Here is a second pressing of "Moving On" on Lifeline Records out of /400 on clear. The first pressing was /100 on white and /500 on red. There's also an alternate cover Euro press version of this on Salad Days Records.

Here is the "Our Choices" seven inch put out by React! The pressing info was /400 on black, /300 on yellow, and /200 on white. It apparently is out of press now on the React! webstore but Grave Mistake does have some copies left. It bums me out how so many good bands seem to fly right under my radar for so long, but with a million great new bands out there and only so much money to spend on records, you can't keep up with everything. Check out this live footage from Rainfest 2011, they sound absolutely brutal live:

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  1. I prefer the colour of your pressing of Moving On to my euro press. Cool band though. I really need to get Our Choices still.