Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OG Simpson

A few months back I picked up this 7" for 25 cents because the cover was so awesome. I really had no idea what the fuck it was, or even for sure what the band name was. But I mean, C'mon, it was recorded at "The Salty Bean" for christ sakes, so it was pretty obvious this was going to be a fun way to spend a quarter. Apparently the Moistboyz were an intentionally offensive side project of some band called Ween, that I've never heard of. Also from my internet observations, it appears that the Moistboyz still plays today and has a cult following, and likes to let everyone know that they will "never retire".

The music itself it kind of strange rock/old school punk similar to Iggy and the Stooges mixed with the Murder City Devils. This song by all accounts seems to be coming to the defense of OJ Simpson (I think? It's all quite bizarre). Either way, this is really cool and interesting and actually a catchy song. Check these guys playing this shit live in 1995. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more Moistboyz. 

And fast forward to 2010... It seems like these guys like to get fucked up.

Monday, October 28, 2013

White Violence

Recently my buddy Jake over at Screaming for Records hooked me up with a SWEET care package all the way from England (Leeds United Rules, OK). More of the goodies will be posted in time. In it was the most limited press of one of the dark horses in the running for Album of the Year. This is the European press by Carry the Weight Records on white out of /100. Back in may I posted my blue copy on Grave Mistake, and as you can see there are some slight differences from pressing to pressing

Amazingly, both this copy on /100 and even the limited blue vinyl on Grave Mistake are both still available. Why are people still so deep asleep on this record???

Friday, October 18, 2013

Death Threat / Rude Awakening

Above is the lasted offering from Triple B, the highly anticipated Death Threat and Rude Awakening split. This was the most limited color on red and black swirl out of /300, which is now sold out. They also have black /500 and clear red /700. Unfortunately, I am really disappointed with this release. I was really looking forward to some new Death Threat recordings because it has been a while, but these songs just seem flat and forced. DT's singer sounds really bored. I actually enjoy the Rude Awakening tracks on this alot more and I've never been a huge Rude Awakening fan. This release is no doubt Rude Awakening's best stuff they have made so far though, and they are sounding pretty fuckin' good I must say. On a plus note, I don't know what it is about the simple cover and lay out but I really love the cover art and layout for this release. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Focused Minds - The Fact Remains

Here is Focused Minds' debut LP "The Fact Remains" on 6131 Records. This thing has been on some stupid heavy rotation for me for the last few weeks. I have always thought Focused Minds was criminally slept on, and this release absolutely proves that. The picture for the cover was taken in Santa Cruz, CA. I was at that show and it was the one and only time I've ever seen them. And no, I'm not in the picture. I'll let the youngsters do all that crazy stuff, I like to kick it in the back with the other old folks haha. Above is the rarest press on white out of /100.

The green pressing out of /300 is by far the better looking of the pressings. They also had a black pressing out of /600. The back cover reminds me of the Iron Boots "Easy Green" ep. If you're a straight edger and your not bumping this then you're all fucked up. This LP really does rule.

What's up with the dude with the sticker butt cheeks? 

So, this is my first post in over a month. That is by far my longest drought ever for posting. I apologize for the delay everyone, sometimes shit happens in life and records have to take a back seat. I'll try to keep this shit up more. I just took over a hundred pictures of back logged records so that should hold me over for a while. Stay tuned goons.