Friday, October 18, 2013

Death Threat / Rude Awakening

Above is the lasted offering from Triple B, the highly anticipated Death Threat and Rude Awakening split. This was the most limited color on red and black swirl out of /300, which is now sold out. They also have black /500 and clear red /700. Unfortunately, I am really disappointed with this release. I was really looking forward to some new Death Threat recordings because it has been a while, but these songs just seem flat and forced. DT's singer sounds really bored. I actually enjoy the Rude Awakening tracks on this alot more and I've never been a huge Rude Awakening fan. This release is no doubt Rude Awakening's best stuff they have made so far though, and they are sounding pretty fuckin' good I must say. On a plus note, I don't know what it is about the simple cover and lay out but I really love the cover art and layout for this release. 


  1. what i think is odd looking at the cover, is that some are dressed up like it's summer while some other dudes look like it's pretty cold. what's that all about???

  2. That album cover is full of yawns. I don't own any Death Threat stuff, and I don't want to start now, but I would like to check out the Rude Awakening songs.