Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Focused Minds - The Fact Remains

Here is Focused Minds' debut LP "The Fact Remains" on 6131 Records. This thing has been on some stupid heavy rotation for me for the last few weeks. I have always thought Focused Minds was criminally slept on, and this release absolutely proves that. The picture for the cover was taken in Santa Cruz, CA. I was at that show and it was the one and only time I've ever seen them. And no, I'm not in the picture. I'll let the youngsters do all that crazy stuff, I like to kick it in the back with the other old folks haha. Above is the rarest press on white out of /100.

The green pressing out of /300 is by far the better looking of the pressings. They also had a black pressing out of /600. The back cover reminds me of the Iron Boots "Easy Green" ep. If you're a straight edger and your not bumping this then you're all fucked up. This LP really does rule.

What's up with the dude with the sticker butt cheeks? 

So, this is my first post in over a month. That is by far my longest drought ever for posting. I apologize for the delay everyone, sometimes shit happens in life and records have to take a back seat. I'll try to keep this shit up more. I just took over a hundred pictures of back logged records so that should hold me over for a while. Stay tuned goons.

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  1. Finally a new post. I've been sleeping on this record. Think I'll pick it up now