Friday, September 13, 2013

United States of Mind

So I haven't taken any pictures since July and my pile of records has been stacking up. The more it stacks up, the less I want to take pictures. However, sometimes I want to be the first to post stuff. Usually if I am not one of the first to post it I quickly lose interest and put it off, and sometimes I just never post it. Yesterday I got the new Take Offense LP and wanted to be the first to get this bad boy up. 

Clear was the limited press out of /300, with /700 being on green. Sadly the green looks better. This release is ok but I am not feeling it like I felt Take Offense's last releases. They have definitely moved towards a more metal style and I feel like they are moving away from their signature sound a little bit. Maybe it just needs time to grow on me? I will say though, that this is the best album art of all their records in my humble opinion. I just love that cover!

I also ordered a copy of their "Live at the Socal Slam" 7" on red vinyl out of /500. It actually comes with a nice 8 page insert with a pretty cool collage on every page. Well done, Reaper.

So I was really surprised to find #19/500 on my copy. 19 has always been my favorite number. My Dad played one season for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 70's until he had a career ending injury and could never play baseball again (shoulder surgeries weren't as efficient in the 70's as they are today!), but when he did play he wore #19. Growing up playing all kinds of different sports I always wore #19 and it remains my favorite number to this day. Strange coincidence, I guess. 


  1. Wow! A season for the pirates, that's pretty impressive man!

  2. I'm with you on being less motivated to post things that have already been posted.

  3. Man, I was so excited for this record to drop. One of my more anticipated releases for the year. Wow...did it disappoint! Take Offense used to have a signature heard a song and you knew it was them. They did something different with the vocals this time around, and they sound completely generic. Fuck, this could be any new band trying to sound like another Terror. I'm hoping the album gets better with time, but so far this is the biggest disappointment of the year.