Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bishops Green - Pressure

Canada's Bishops Green is quickly becoming the premier Oi! band in the scene. Their has been an incredible buzz around their recent releases. They have been the topic of many discussions in the Oi! and punk scene, and rightfully so. At first I didn't like this release as much as their debut LP, but this has totally grown on me and I just can't stop listening to it. This is some seriously great Oi!, it is not generic at all and is refreshing as hell. I still do prefer their self titled debut release, because it was overall darker record. Either way, this is a must own for any Oi! fan. 

I believe this is the 2nd press. It is out of /250 and it listed as "Double Mint / Swamp Green with White, Kelly Green, Coke Bottle Green Splatter Vinyl". Pirates Press got creative with that one, but this is one of the most impressive looking slabs I have ever seen. With the embossed cover and gate fold to boot, Pirates Press went all in on this one.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Violent Reaction - Camo (?) Dead End

When this release first came out, I missed out on the limited white version on Quality Control. Bummer. But, I knew it was coming out on Painkiller so I did not want to miss out on the limited "camo" vinyl out of /200. The day they put up pre orders, they did not give an option to select camo vinyl. I ordered it the same day it came out, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped I'd get the limited version. Weeks go by, and I see a posts on Skull Fucked and Utopia Banished with the limited version, and pictures of a beautiful green marble vinyl. A few weeks later mine finally shows up, I peek inside and sure as shit I got a black copy. Disgruntled and feeling rejected, I put it back away and put it in my "needs pictures" pile. 

Time goes by and I see Mike posts his copy, which reveals a really dark looking version of the camo green. I instantly ran up stairs to check mine, and was thrilled to see that I did get the limited version. It just looks like shit. About the release... This is a excellent record. I would dare to say this is Violent Reaction's best stuff yet, because they went more Oi! on this record than any of their previous releases. I can't wait for these guys' LP on Revelation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What it Meant

So I've never been really big on Discography type releases, therefore I never have owned "What it Meant" on vinyl. I've seen some color options come and go, including a hideously ugly splatter one a few years back. When I saw it was pressed again on color, I decided to take a stab at it in my last Rev order. This copy is on a much more appealing blue pressing, with both records being blue. It's not BID on mint green, but it will have to due.

As far as the release, what can you say? One of the best hardcore bands to ever exist's complete discography. You can't beat that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nothing But A Nightmare

Here is the RevHQ mail order only light grey vinyl copy of "Nothing But A Nightmare" by Soul Search. The light grey is out of /550 and exclusive to RevHQ, while the dark grey is out of /1110. This EP was originally pressed last year on Back to Back with a different cover. I remember when it came out on Back to Back, the most limited color copies sold out quick so I lost interest and never bought a copy. I figured with Rev repressing it I wouldn't make the same mistake again. This is a good solid release, but it's not necessarily anything that blows me away. If you like hardcore that's heavily influenced by metal then check it out. Keep an eye out for their LP coming out on Rev soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Living Eyes

Here is a band that is simply way too under rated. Oakland, CA's LIVING EYES. These dudes are raw and grimy just like the city they came from. Here is their one sided LP on Deathwish, "Who Will Remain?". I never knew who these dudes were until last year when they opened up at One Voice Fest and I was totally blown away. They absolutely killed it with a ton of energy and they were angry as fuck. I think if they were from New York or Boston, they would be blown the fuck up. This release has a silk screened cover, dust sleeve and B-Side. I love the design on the dust sleeve, but my favorite part is the nuclear reactor on the B-Side. Red vinyl out of /330.

Here is their demo from 2011, "Starve for Agony" on clear out of /926. The limited version was clear with red splatter. More of the same punishing hardcore, a must have.

A house party in Stockton.