Sunday, October 12, 2014

Living Eyes

Here is a band that is simply way too under rated. Oakland, CA's LIVING EYES. These dudes are raw and grimy just like the city they came from. Here is their one sided LP on Deathwish, "Who Will Remain?". I never knew who these dudes were until last year when they opened up at One Voice Fest and I was totally blown away. They absolutely killed it with a ton of energy and they were angry as fuck. I think if they were from New York or Boston, they would be blown the fuck up. This release has a silk screened cover, dust sleeve and B-Side. I love the design on the dust sleeve, but my favorite part is the nuclear reactor on the B-Side. Red vinyl out of /330.

Here is their demo from 2011, "Starve for Agony" on clear out of /926. The limited version was clear with red splatter. More of the same punishing hardcore, a must have.

A house party in Stockton.

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