Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Axe

Random Axe was a short lived supergroup of Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. They did a few tours together for this release, and to my knowledge haven't really played together since this came out in 2011. Although Random Axe was short lived, they have reached a cult like status in the underground rap scene. This album is kind of the measuring stick for all of the "supergroup" side projects that come out. I'm glad I got to check these dudes out at the Rock the Bells in 2011, they were awesome. Even Roc Marciano was there to do "Chewbacca" with them. Check it out below, the video was filmed at the RTB in Mountain View.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weed & Purp Drank

Here is the Power Trip - Armageddon Blues Sessions LP. It is a 6 song, one sided LP with the other side having an etched Power Trip logo. Power Trip is one of the most hyped bands in the hardcore/metal(?) scene these days. I can appreciate this release for what it is, but it's not necessarily my style so Power Trip is not going to get much play time for me. On the other hand, My girlfriend loves them.  This copy was the most limited press on "Weed and Purp Drank" vinyl out of /326, but there is no green at all in this, so I'll just call it purple marble. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Exterminate Me

Here is Warthog's "Exterminate Me" ep from Katorga Works. This is some brutal 80s USHC with some d-beaty raw noize thrown in. This is a good release, but there has been alot of stuff coming out like this lately that is better. This is no slouch though, and Warthog has been getting a ton of hype lately. I hope they make their way out here soon so I can check them out live. 

This poster freaking rules though. Why is he balding, and what's with the mullet?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Damaged Head

Here is a Swedish punk band called Damaged Head that I can't stop listening to. This is good old punk rock but has a unique twist to it that I can't really put my finger on. At times they sound very similar to a harder Kid Dynamite, with a little snottiness a la Social Circkle. They also remind me of Striking Distance. So yeah, they are all over the place and really good. 

This copy is on red vinyl and out of /100. One side is screen pressed with a Damaged Head Hardcore logo. Man in Decline Records came through with a really solid release on this one. Go check it out for yourself.