Friday, August 31, 2012

ILL INTENT - No Masters

Once again I'm lagging on my posts. Now that I've run out of free space for my pictures, maintaining this blog has become quite cumbersome. Some photo hosting sites don't seem to work when looking at the pages on a mobile device (atleast on my android phone), so I've been having to try different sites. All in all, it makes it a pain in the ass for something that I'm doing for free! But the show must go on, or so they say...

Lately my two most played records have been that PEACE s/t 7" with the goofy cover, and this 7". This is an absolute BRUTAL ripper. I feel the music really reflects their Northwest style hardcore, I picture them recording and it being all dark, depressing, cloudy, wet and rainy outside. That's the feeling that shines through on this thing. Like Rakim said "Ain't Nobody Smiling", and the sheer brutality of the lyrics and vocals are what make this such an amazing release. I'm totally into it and I can't wait to see them when they come through San Jose on tour. This pretty much blows away almost every other release I've gotten lately, hands down one of the best releases of 2012. Check out "No Masters" featuring the singer from Rotting Out:


  1. Did you work out why you ran out of space? Was it because of how high quality the pics were?
    This release sounds good, I'm gonna check it out.

  2. Yeah I think the pics were just too big of a size. Photobucket wasn't working that well so now I have to use "tinypic", it's really a pain in the ass!