Monday, September 3, 2012

Rancid 1993

On my recent trip to San Francisco I found this for a cool $9.99, an original 1993 pressing of Rancid's first LP in pretty decent condition. After a quick look on discogs, I saw that these actually are pretty common and easily attainable for under $20. Seeing this at the record store made me realize I don't own one piece of Rancid vinyl, so I figured I'd pick this one up since it was in excellent condition and an original pressing. I am not really into Rancid, but when I was a kid it was a whole different story. Growing up in the Bay Area, everyone was all about Rancid. It gave me a sense of pride hearing them sing about areas where I knew people that lived or buses that I had taken myself. It was really cool too being in local bands since 13, and Lars used to come to our shows and would talk to us and bought our shirts and stuff. I always thought it was cool how much love Lars showed to all the local San Jose bands. As a little kid it felt like meeting a rockstar, but now as a grown man I see him at shows and it's just like seeing anyone else. 

Pretty standard original pressing black copy. I still like Rancid's first three albums, but I never really paid attention to anything after "Out Come the Wolves" as I grew older and got into more punk rock and suddenly Rancid wasn't so cool anymore. Eventually I think I'll track down "Lets Go!" and "OCTW", and that would probably be the full extent of my Rancid collection. 


  1. I saw them tour this record back in 1993 when Lars had just joined. Such a great show, but there were probably only about 30 people there.

    By the way, the album after OCTW sucks, but the one after that (the self titled one from 2000) is really damn good. That was when I gave up though. Crazy to think it's been 12 years since I gave up on this band. Wow.

  2. I never cared for Rancid. I remember seeing them on Saturday Night Live doing Ruby Soho, and thinking they were a complete joke...of course this was at the height of what we'll call "my jaded years", when I was bummed on any music that wasn't completely independent and DIY, and the records weren't packaged in manilia envelopes with hand screened and stamped covers. I've mellowed since then, obviously, and tried to get into Rancid again this year. I downloaded OCTW, and while there were hints of a fun album, I still struggled to really get into the band.

  3. I keep looking out for AOCTW and the two previous albums, good score. I agree with Marcus too, I'm not big on Life won't wait the album after AOCTW but the second self titled 'rancid' album is good. I have it on vinyl, picked it up recently still sealed at a second hand store. I also have their debut 7".