Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guilty - Tunes for an Apocalyptic Winter

Here is Sweden's very own GUILTY. A brutal 7" on Six Feet Under on both Tri Color (/100) and Black and Blue swirl (/300). I guess they were going for a apocalyptic winter theme with the vinyl colors, pretty cool. Both of these colors go fantastic with the cover. Truth be told, this has some of my favorite cover art that I've seen in a long time. It's like a modern "Age of Quarrel" rendition, and the music definitely reminds me of Age of Quarrel. This pretty much sounds like most of the NYHC metal influenced bands, nothing new or original but it is executed to perfection with great vocals, and that can't be said for 90% of the bands out there right now. This is an excellent 7" and definitely worth the pick up if you see it hanging around on one of your next orders. They also pressed different colors on Green Menace Records (Sweden) and Carry the Weight (UK). I actually bought this months ago and took these pictures in April, so I'm trying to go through some old pictures. I remember not writing about this at the time because I liked it so much I wanted to have a nice, long post dedicated to it and didn't have the time. Well it's ending up getting a quick post anyways. Listen to "Hollow Path" below:


  1. Good record. Think I got it around the same time as you. I have the orange with black and blue pressing though. Side story, CTW sent me a replacement without fuss after I told them he first had a crack in it. Good label!!

  2. Comparing anything to Cro-Mags will get my attention.