Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obi Strip Night Birds

Grave Mistake recently pressed the Night Birds' "Fresh Kills Vol. 1" on vinyl. I previously had this on CD so I was looking forward to it coming out on vinyl. I was honestly quite disappointed when I found out they went with a limited edition Obi strip in lieu of limited color vinyl. All the vinyl for this was pressed on black. It also seems that as soon as it was posted on the GM store (literally, that day) they were sold out of the Obi strip version. I can't imagine 210 copies of this selling out immediately. I know the Night Birds aren't that popular! What happened to all those other copies, Alex? 

As far as the record itself, it is quite good. I have been giving the Night Birds alot more listens lately and they have really grown on me. The obi strip itself looks really cool, silk screened maroon and baby blue colors. I got a very cool number #210/210. I did read on facebook that this will be the first (and last) Obi strip release for Grave Mistake, so it's cool having the last copy!


  1. Haha I'm like the least observant person in the world, I didn't even realise these were numbered, I took a picture of it for my own blog and still didn't even notice. What a dunce!

  2. Thanks for posting about the record! Let me clear some stuff up for you ... first of, there is no Night Birds colored vinyl and there never will be, but that just forces us to come up with more creative ideas for the limited/nerd shit. As for the 210 copies, here is the scoop: The band took 100 copies and I kept 110 (CMO sup) ... the band set some aside for record release shows and we both started selling them on our respective websites at the same time and they sold out that day (so yes, they ARE that popular!).

    As for the OBI strip idea - it was fun but a royal pain in the ass. It wasn't really difficult, just took a while. I might do an OBI strip again but never that many!

    Anyways, glad you dig the record!

  3. Thanks Alex! In that case, I'm very appreciative that you made a limited version of the record. I'm really surprised that they sold out that fast, though! I guess all that touring really pays off eh? and don't worry Jake I didn't even notice it at first until I went to take the pictures of it. The silver almost blends in.