Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Labels behaving badly! (Pt. 1)

Months ago I ordered a package from Hellfish that had all kinds of records, and one of them was a copy of Focused Minds' "Stay Focused" 7". When the package came to my house, the FM record was not included. I notified Hellfish and some guy named "Agi" told me that he would throw a copy in with my next order, and just to email him before I ordered again to remind him. Ok, no sweat. A few months go buy, a place another order and remind him that they owed me the FM 7". Order comes, again no 7". I sent atleast 10 emails with no response. Ok, fuck you then Hellfish! How does it make sense to screw someone for a $5 record when they have placed multiple orders that were almost $100 each? Good job.

Luckily, I was able to email Joey at 6131 Records and explain the situation to him. Wouldn't you know he not only sent me a white copy but also the clear "subscription" version out of /200. Hellfish lost a customer, and 6131 Records gained another loyal customer. Just a little bit of respect goes along way, Thanks Joey. This is a solid record from a Midwest youth crew band. However, I don't feel this record fully captures just how good Focused Minds is live. I hope they can capture some of that magic on their next release. Is this a good 7"? Yes, it is. However, after seeing this band live it left me expecting more. I'll be anxious for their next release and see this bands full potential!

So where I got the name for this post was from a local news station segment with Stanley Roberts called "People Behaving Badly", one of the most popular news segments in the Bay Area. Some of them are just so hilarious and unbelievable. So yeah, from now on I'll be going all Stanley Roberts on these record labels and distros that are fucking people over. Watch out shady labels, a post could be coming your way!


  1. That sucks, but thankfully it had a happy ending. Too funny though, because I was just complaining the other day about Hellfish fucking up EVERY order that I've placed for React! preorders since they have taken over the distribution for them.

  2. I just figured you were a fan of 90's British comedy?!? Hah but yeah I agree about naming and shaming these dodgy labels. Especially when there are so many good honest Labels out there that go the extra mile.

  3. Hahahahaha Going all "Stanley Roberts" Thanks for the compliment!

  4. I can't believe Stanley Roberts commented on my page! Thanks Stanley, you are the man and I can't wait to see more segments. And yes, Hellfish is definitely garbage. I can only pray that they aren't going to handle the Mindset pre orders :(