Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Remorse, No Merch Flipping

In that last Youngblood order, I also grabbed a black copy of the "No Remorse, No Tolerance" 7", which would have been my first No Tolerance vinyl. Considering that everyone is in full on No Tolerance worship mode right now and that even black vinyl has been going for silly prices on ebay, I was happy that I waited it out and could find myself a copy for only $5. Shortly after I saw on Facebook that they would be selling a limited Blue vinyl out of /200 for the This is Hardcore fest. Bummer, living in Northern California isn't always the shit. I knew I would have to miss out on that one, or pay $40 for it or some silly price on Ebay.

A few months go by and still no Youngblood order... What gives? So I send them an email to see what is going on, and I got a big apology and a "Don't trip I'll send you a few extras". I then kindly asked if there were any blue copies of NRNT left, and he said he would send me one. I even went as far as to ask for two and that I would gladly pay for them, and explained to him that I needed one for my boy Jake too, and that I'm not a merch flipper. He was kind enough to oblige.

The blue and black copies are on different sleeves. The blue copy has Silver screen printed writing on a matte black fold out with no insert. The black copy has White ink and is on more of a professional looking looking glued jacket with a double sided insert which is identical to the fold out. I prefer it with the silk screened silver cover. So there you have, I got lucky and scored this sweet record without going to pay for plane, hotel and all kinds of other fees to go to TIHC Fest or having to through my nose to a merch flipper on Ebay. Thanks Youngblood!


  1. No prob, it may take a few months though bro. I have been waiting for more good shit to come around, and there have been no shows lately out here! So just be patient, but yeah EVENTUALLY you will get it haha.