Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Police (and Thieves) bring Justice

I put together a nice Youngblood Records order recently and had to throw in a few extra items. I picked up the "final pressing" of Justice's 2007 LP, "Escapades". This is on a silk screened alternate sleeve. At the time I bought it, I think it says this was out of /50 but I can't remember. I wish I would have written it down because now that it is OOP the info is missing of the Youngblood page. The artwork looks great and the alternate sleeve is really nice with the silk screen.

I also got Police & Thieves "Fracturing" LP on white vinyl. I am a little confused about the pressing info. At the time I bought this, the Youngblood page stated that this was out of /100. But after checking Mike's page, I see he has it /195 on white. Oh, the confusion. I may have to send an email to Youngblood to get all the correct pressing info, if I get a response I'll update this post.

And Police & Thieves first seven inch. According to Mike also, only 300 pressed on black and "Gold". Unless I got a later pressing, this is a strange looking gold. Not as strange as the "Vegas Gold" on the Floorpunch 2LP though. Youngblood threw this in for free, thanks guys! 


  1. justice out of 100 on white
    p&t out of 95 on white

  2. Police & Thieves posted on their facebook page that the pressing info was 150 on green, and 195 on white.

  3. Ohhhh...I just saw they updated that pressing info.

    55 on white w/ ltd cover
    95 on white with official cover
    250 on green with official cover.