Friday, September 14, 2012

Face Reality, This Record RULES!

I was all over it recently when Back to Back announced pre orders for Face Reality's newest EP, "Strong Survive". I wasn't going to go out like a sucker (like I did with the last Face Reality release!), and pay big bucks! I'm really glad I did, because the "orange" copies (which are CLEARLY red) of /150 sold out in less than an hour. I am assuming that the label must have given atleast 100 to the band or something, because there is just no way they sold 150 that fast. What's strange is the color version was sold out for months, but I just looked at the Back to Back page and saw that some are available now? If you haven't picked one up yet, I would say now is a good time. The black version is out of /350.

This is without a doubt one of the best releases of the year. The band has stepped it up since their last release (which is no easy task), and you can see these guys are getting better with every release they put out. This is some brutal straight edge hardcore. The vocals are so gruff and awesome, you just cannot beat this release. 

I got to pick this guy up on blue with my last Youngblood order too. Hell yes. Now I have it on blue, red and black (see my last post of this release for more info). I was stoked to get this on blue for only $5, and not have to pay a silly price like I did for my red copy. Anyone know the pressing info on this blue copy?

Check out the "Strong Survive" EP below in its totality:


  1. Strong survive is an awesome record. But yeah it's like the most RED vinyl ever, not sure why it still says orange, I think they ordered orange but they came back this colour? Thanks again for the tip!

  2. Hey, the self titled EP on blue is /125.