Friday, May 11, 2012

Wake up and FACE REALITY!

Absolutely furious straight edge hardcore, this is Detroit's FACE REALITY. I had originally picked up a black copy on one of my Grave Mistake orders months ago based on the cover art alone. I was not let down at all, this thing fucking rips. These six tracks have blasting in my car a ton lately on my commute to work. I even made a ringtone for my phone just for one of my straight edge friends out of the beginning of "Generation RX". The black copy of this is on a glossy jacket, while the red copy is on a matte cardstock foldover.

I had to pay through the nose for this red copy though. I have seen a few go up on ebay lately, and one of these even went for over $30. I ended up winning this one for $18 and multiple other items at once. More than I usually pay for such a new seven inch, but I wanted it pretty bad and had a few slip through my fingers prior to that. At the same time there was another red copy on ebay that sold two days later for only $3.99! FUCK. If that went to one of you guys reading this then congratulations on your steal. The Vinyl Gods have smiled upon you. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the vinyl out and saw the Youngblood stamp and that it was hand numbered. Sweet. Made me feel slightly less shitty about paying so much for it. Excellent release though, go get one on black before they are all gone. 

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