Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm on a Dyno with the Black Mags

While I wait for my girlfriend to finish getting ready before we leave to go see the Bodies in Oakland, I figured I would put up a quick post. I love this Cool Kids single for "Black Mags" because of the sick ass art. A chick with high heels riding on the pegs of a bike... You should just watch the video and you'll understand it better. Basically just a song about cruising around on your bicycle. The Cool Kids are sick, if you haven't heard them you should check them out. All their beats on The Bake Sale album are just ridiculously awesome. For sure a hip hop group that doesn't get the recognition they deserve, but what else is new?

"But I don't care joe, I just keep on pedalin
Ride past shorty light skinned with no melanin
Shirt look like somebody stuffed two melons in
Had to stop so I could preach like reverend
I grip on the handbrake and say 'What up?'
I skip on the handshakes, I'm straight. What else?" - Mikey Rocks


  1. I like your hip-hop posts man. I have only ever dipped my toe in the hip-hop pool so it's really interesting. The video you linked to is great.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy it! When I send your stuff I was going to include a bunch of DVD's filled with mp3 albums for you to check out. I'll throw in a bunch of hardcore/punk stuff you may not have and also some good hip hop for you. I've always felt that hardcore and hip hop have so much in common.. I mean I like the stuff that is raw as hell underground stuff, not the Little Wayne mainstream radio bullshit. So the difference is like comparing a good hardcore band to the Foo fighters or something haha