Thursday, May 10, 2012


Here is my pressing of Slapshot's 1988 classic "Step on It". This was also released on green and red vinyl, which I hope to track down one day. I fuckin' love Slapshot. What else can be said about this hardcore classic? You can definitely hear alot Oi! influence in this thing with the sing alongs and gang vocal choruses. "Hang up your boots" was a cover song one of my old bands did when I was 13, and that's probably because it was one of the most covered songs by Oi! bands. So much about this was ahead of its time. Choke's vocals are just so fucking tough on these recordings, and for better or for worse this release stood apart from most of the hardcore coming out at that time. 

And big shout out to Vinyl Noize for selecting me on their RSD 2012 giveaway contest and giving me a few hundred hits on my blog :) You guys rule. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm "wrong about", though.

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