Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keep Striving Higher

As I've said before, I typically don't collect compilations... but after missing out on the more limited pressings of "America's Hardcore" I didn't want to miss out on the color pressing of this compilation put out by Six Feet Under, so I figured I'd throw it in with my last order through them. Six Feet Under did a great job with the layout, booklet and vinyl of this release. They definitely did not spare any expense with the huge color booklet with each page dedicated to a band (exactly like America's Hardcore) and a huge SFU poster to boot. 

The vinyl looks really fantastic. When I heard gold/black swirl I wasn't expecting it to look this nice. Sometime's "gold" turns into more of a shit brown on vinyl but I think the album art and layout go well with the color selection. 

An interesting choice for a poster. It's just the cover of all of SFU's releases so far. Uhm... Ok? I guess it doesn't matter much to me, I never hang the posters from vinyls up anyways.

This thing came with a limited Blacklisted flexi disc for anyone that orders the release directly from SFU. Another cool little perk. I would have preferred a free 7" but hey, I'll take this flexi disc!

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