Friday, May 4, 2012

Tonight I'll be Rotting Out

Since I am going to see Rotting Out and FocusedxMinds tonight in Santa Cruz, here is my 2nd pressing of "Vandalized" on blue /400. I always flip flop on which singer I like more from Rotting Out, the original singer or the one on Street Prowl. The original singer is very good (Mike) with a more traditional hardcore sound. Mike's vocals remind me more of Chain of Strength. The new singer (Walter) is very good as well, sounding a bit more punk rock. Walter's vocals remind me more of  Youth of Today. Keep in mind these are just broad generalizations of singing styles, so don't get all pissy about it. Since I have only seen the new singer live though, I'll have to give Walter the slight edge due to the stage presence he has and the live show he puts on.  This is a really great release though, and a quick search shows that some are still available at RevHQ.

Also, a while back I posted this long ranting article about how I didn't get a red copy of "Rotting Out" when I thought I did... long story short, I finally tracked one down. Now I just have to track down the clear, and black with no label I guess? I'm halfway there...

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