Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wasted Time S/T

Some bands you hear for the first time and you just can't get into them, and it takes time for them to grow on you. Some bands you hear for the first time, and you know you will never be into them. Some bands you hear for the first time, and after 10 seconds you know you just can't get enough. Wasted Time is one of those bands I heard and after one song I knew I was hooked. 62 seconds into "Shameless" after the minute long intro, it only takes two seconds of vocals to realize these dudes are some serious heavy hitters. Grave Mistake recently posted that they had a few limited copies of this release on white and coke bottle clear that were long OOP. They also had copies on green, but I waited about 24 hours to get my order in and by then they were gone. I think each of these was out of /150, but I forget what it said exactly. I wish I would have got one on green, Fuck! I am always scouring ebay for Wasted Time vinyl now, but you don't see the color come up too often. This is a band you should definitely check out. Here's a free download of this 7" that I found and figured I would share, only because this release is OOP and you can't purchase it anywhere. So enjoy!

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  1. another great post mate. i've just had a go my self, check it out and let me know what you think if you get a second