Saturday, May 5, 2012

VINYL NOIZE... Show me the Records!

There are only a few things that I'm guaranteed to do on a daily basis... Eat, Shit, Sleep, and Check Vinyl Noize. So I wake up today, grab my morning coffee and sit down to check Vinyl Noize and realize... The fellas over at Vinyl Noize are giving away some Record Store Day 2012 records! Vinyl Noize is one of the first sites I started reading about vinyl collections and one of the main reasons I started this site. For those of you that don't know about Vinyl Noize, they are a collection of multiple Vinyl Collectors (some of them have their own blogs which are linked on this page to the right) and they post current Ebay auctions that are happening to give everyone a heads up and an opportunity to get a chance at some good vinyl. I don't think many people realize how much work it is to scour ebay for hours on hard to find vinyl, and then to post an auction that you yourself might be bidding on. Now that is generous, and they do it all for free because they don't get a cut of the auctions obviously. Before Vinyl Noize I didn't even realize there was a whole group of weirdos like me out there paying exuberant prices for wax and cardboard. Not to mention, Vinyl Noize has really helped me go broke, when I read encouraging words like "Starting off at a very reasonable $140 B.I.N." I think to myself, "Oh, I guess these kind of spending habits are normal?"... Go check them out and repost on your blog for a chance to win! Now I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope I get that Misfits or Blood for Blood records that I couldn't find :)

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  1. Completely agree about posting links to auctions those guys might be bidding on themselves. I don't know if I could do that if i'd stumbled upon a bargain/rarity.