Thursday, October 4, 2012

Natural Law - Find the Flock

It's been a whirlwind the past week, but it's time to get back on that horse! Here's Natural Law's "Find the Flock". I have been listening to this a ton lately, but it did take some time to grow on me. The first couple listens I wasn't all that impressed, but now I am loving it. I guess I'm glad I didn't post it months ago when I first got it. This is pressed on Deranged/Katorga Works on black out of /770. I am a fan of this record, but not that big a fan of the artwork and layout. I've never been a big fan of covers without the band name on them. I know, I know, "but it says Natural Law" in the top right corner. Yeah, let me get my microscope so I can find it. Pfft. When I saw this, I thought they should have added some of the "censored" bars over the eyes of the sheep, One saying "Natural" and one saying "Law", and then the tiny writing at the top could have said "Find the Flock". That would have been freaking awesome. 

Some weird artwork and layout. It seems most of the Deranged and Katorga Works stuff is a little bit too on the artsy side for me as far as artwork goes, call me a traditionalist I guess. But man, have they been pumping out some of the best hardcore right now. Another excellent release from these powerhouse labels. Go pick it up!

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  1. I've been listening to this band a lot lately too. Check out their latest EP on Hardware Records if you haven't - it may be their best stuff.