Sunday, October 21, 2012

Power Trippin'

Power Trip has definitely been one of those big "it" bands in 2012. It seems that everyone is on these guys dick right now, so a while ago I had to check these two seven inches out to see what the big hoopla was. 

This first one is on Lockin Out on purple vinyl or "mixed color" vinyl. The limited version of this was on black vinyl. Not sure of exact press numbers. Really awesome cover art!

Here is another one on "Withdrawal Records". No idea what the pressing info is on this one and I'm too lazy to look. This thing has really cool artwork as well. These are decent little seven inches, but I just don't know if they are good enough to warrant the extreme hype that this group is getting right now. Then again I don't really like metal, and maybe that's why I just don't "get it". There is one thing that I think everyone can agree on with this group though... They are heavy as all hell. 

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