Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm not the first, I hope I'm not the last...

Nothing too special here, two of my copies of the Minor Threat S/T 12". I would like to someday have all the colors, but this will have to do for now. I am not really sure what years these came out, or what the pressing info was on these. The red and blue with the $4.00 PPD on the back were the first, and then came these copies with the $5.00 PPD on the back. There seems to be conflicting information all over on these, and discogs seems to believe these were pressed in 1987. I remember buying my blue copy at Streetlight Records in San Jose atleast 10 years ago, when I was just a young man getting into the vinyl game. I have never really gone after Minor Threat vinyl very aggressively, as I was more interested in Oi! and rap vinyl as a young man. However, Minor Threat has always been one of my favorite bands and one of the first hardcore bands I ever got into. I was always so blown away by how ahead of their time they sound on these recordings. If this was recorded in 2012, it would still be whooping that ass. This music is timeless. And in Mike's words; "This album could very well be the best piece of hardcore wax ever pressed, and I'm happy to finally own it on vinyl. But, hey, that just how I see my what the fuck have you done?" I could not have said it better myself, Sir!

The green copy has a slightly lighter colored label. I have owned the blue copy for years, but the Green copy I acquired off a multi auction bid for around five bucks, that's less than I payed for my copy a decade ago! What the hell?

The insert on the green copy is a bit darker, as well. Minor Threat vinyl is something I've always kind of stayed away from because there are so many different pressings of everything, the pressing amounts are usually very large, and it is all mostly on black. Someday I hope to remedy that, but considering how expensive the real deal OG shit goes for, I don't see myself getting my hands on the good stuff anytime soon.


  1. I liked this. Good read. Why are you talking like your an old timer though? You're still young you fool! Haha. A record all hardcore collections should have - probably as a starting point in fact.

  2. Shit, everytime I go to a hardcore show these days I feel like a major old timer. It feels creepy and awkward to be around a bunch of 15 year old hardcore kids getting dropped off by their parents haha.

  3. I hear that mate. I thought the same thing recently. I'm double the age of some of the people there.

  4. Whoa, I JUST posted about this record too!