Monday, August 6, 2012

Mindset Madness

One of the most hyped straight edge hardcore bands right now is Mindset. As far as youth crew goes, this is real good stuff. Here are my two copies of "Time and Pressure" and "Real Power" on black. These two are what make up their recent Collections LP. The anticipation is growing in a huge way for their next release "Leave No Doubt" that comes out later this year on React! I have been keeping my eye out for pre orders in hopes of maybe scoring a super limited pressing.

Both these 7"s are good straight ahead youth crew releases. If you don't have these you might as well just get the Collections LP and get it all on one release. Check out the video below for their new album and get pumped! I haven't seen these guys live yet but after watching this shit I can't wait until they come to the Bay Area again. 


  1. I've got 'real power' recently. It's good.

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