Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You can't win them all.

Record collecting isn't always peaches and cream. Sometimes you are going to get records that you anticipated liking or looked forward to, and once you put it on your turntable you realize that it's really just not working out. Not every post I put on this blog is going to be how this or that record is the best record ever to get put on wax, sometimes I just have to keep it real. I was really looking forwards to this Hounds of Hate demo. Everything seems to fall in line with something that I would like. I heard it was kind of Oi(ish) inspired 80's style hardcore, check. On a great record label (Katorga Works), check. Excellent artwork and layout all around, check. Approval on several other bloggers pages that I respect, check. Unfortunately once I heard it I was just not having it. It just seems like the band doesn't have passion on the recordings and the songs aren't put together very well. The singers voice isn't that bad either and the band has alot of potential, but it seems this band needs to really find their identity and what they're good at. For example on the song "The Evil That Men Do", it starts out with a slow brooding sounding Oi! style intro, but then suddenly it speeds up into a more 80's style sounding hardcore and all of a sudden it sounds sloppy and out of place, but then when it slows down again it suddenly sounds good again. The theme I've noticed on this is slow parts = sounds really good, fast parts = sounds not so good. My favorite song on this is by far "Born Alone" and its probably because it's mostly slow and displays the bands strengths. If hope Hounds of Hate finds their niche and improves for their next release. 

Here are two that I heard high praises about, High Life's "Self Abuse" and "Drink Yourself to Freedom" 7"s. I love some good drunk furious hardcore. This one seemed like all the stars were aligning for a nice piece of vinyl... I like the band name, the art work, it had good reviews and Cowabunga usually releases decent stuff. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into these at all. It is without a doubt fast and furious, but the vocals are really obnoxious and the songs are just a bit too sloppy for my taste. This would be more fun watching them play while being drunk at a house party, but I'll pass for listening to them on my record player.

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