Friday, July 6, 2012

Revelation 25 Year Anniversary Package

So since I wasn't able to make the anniversary shows in LA last month, I went ahead and got this nice little package for $20 off RevHQ, with the 25th Anniversary Compilation on blue /700. They had more limited colors available at the festival, but whatever I've never been that big on compilations anyways.

The posters they made possibly have the lamest art ever. I'm not sure if they could make this look any lamer. I mean, with all the potential and all these great bands, this is what they go with? Really? Very disappointing.

I was very pleased with the little program they included. It has the set times and such and who was playing what day, and also a little layout page for every band that played.

The shirt is kind of weak. It is super thin! It's about as thin as one of those packs of white undershirts you get at TJ Maxx. Big fail Rev, if you're going to go all out on the posters and everything, why not just get decent shirts?

Here's the group photo. A decent little package for $20, since I wasn't able to attend I guess this will have to suffice. I will probably never wear the shirt though. I don't really feel the right to wear it without actually attending, so I'll probably just keep it with the record and if I ever sell/trade it throw in the shirt as well. Stay tuned for my 100th post up next. I'm sorry I've been lagging lately, I've been feeling really discouraged. Last week I took over a 100 photos and my girlfriend accidentally deleted all of them before I could save them on my computer. Very disheartening. I didn't even want to look at this blog let alone take the pictures all over again! Sometimes shit happens and you just have to get over it, and take more pictures. Stay tuned for the 100th post, and thanks to everyone that has supported this blog so far! It's been alot of fun.


  1. Man I dunno I still reckon that looks a sweet package. Shame that rev postage costs just didn't warrant me ordering it. Looking forward to the 100th post man.

  2. The fest was a lot of fun! Did you make it out to the Losin It show yesterday?

  3. Nah man I had to miss the losin it show :( Sucks it got shut down, too!

  4. Losin It was so good. It's a bummer you didn't go! Hopefully Truth Inside come by again. They were the only band that didn't play. Make it out to Creatures/Skinfather this upcoming weekend. It'll be a good show.