Saturday, July 21, 2012

Poor Man's Boston Strangler...

Here is the Boston Strangler before they were Boston Strangler... also known as Anxiety. Here is their "Pathetic" EP on Social Napalm Records. This band has the same vocalist as the Strangler and are very, very similar. The main difference is, well, this recording sounds like shit. The vocals have way too much reverb and it sounds like he's singing in a tiny shower stall. The drums sound thin and annoying, almost like they're playing on garbage cans or something. If you can see past this, this is actually an excellent EP. These songs deserve a re recording, because I feel like the songs themselves could hang with the "Primitive" LP. What a shame that the recording was executed so poorly. The layout and cover art/insert are just as raw as the recordings sound. This is not in any sort of cardboard jacket, it's just pressed on a thin ass piece of paper. 

To remedy the fact that the "jacket" is just a thin ass piece of paper, I used this Shai Halud cardboard that Rev keeps sending me like 10 of every time I order from them as packing material. I put the record itself in the Shai Hulud sleeve, and then the Anxiety paper sleeve over it and right into a polybag. There you go, that's how my Anxiety LP will be stored for eternity. If you like Boston Strangler, then this is still worth a shot since it's the same singer and similar sound, I just wish these guys would re record all these tracks. 


  1. Hah I can just imagine looking at your vinyl collection and thinking 'woah, this guy really loves shai hulud' haha
    P.s I managed to snag a Boston strangler copy somehow, it's on it's way to me now.

  2. haha, yeah this is the first time I've owned anything shai hulud. and it was just packing material that said "shai hulud" haha