Thursday, July 19, 2012

I got so much repress on my mind, Refuse to Lose...

When I heard that Six Feet Under was repressing Cold World's "No Omega" I was all over that shit with the pre order. The pressing info is /100 on orange, black and white splatter and /300 on orange marble. Both copies are surprisingly still available, so I would head over to the SFU store if you want one of the limited /100 copies! I am really shocked these are not long gone yet. It seems that Cold World vinyl seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper, and that's kind of sad because Cold World fucking rules. I've always been a huge Cold World fan, especially since they reference so many hip hop lyrics in their songs. My favorite hip hop reference is when they shout out "Big L Rest In Peace!" on "Low Places". Big L is my favorite rapper of all time and when my friend showed me that lyric years ago when this first came out, I was forever hooked on Cold World. As Jake already mentioned, the orange splatter copy is really one of the best looking vinyls I have ever seen. What a perfect blend of colors for this release.

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  1. Oh you got both? Nice!

    Can't believe there's any left, can we really be the only ones that cared about this repress?