Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm blogging it down, these records I've got!

So here are my two copies of Judge's "Bringin' It Down", one of my favorite all time records and in my humble opinion the best straight edge hardcore record ever made. You know what, I don't really think that there is anything you could say to convince me that there is a better straight edge hardcore album than this. As you can see I have the original pressing with purple labels and a second or third pressing on red labels. I know this is probably pretty pitiful collection compared to most of your Judge collections with the green copies, orange copies and probably ever variation of poster color, but this will have to do. 

The sleeve on the right seems to be a bit more glossy and the purple seems to be darker. This is probably because they were printed at different places.

It's my understanding that the labels went from purple, to red, then back to purple. And that the colors on the poster went from yellow, to purple, then to black and white. The first pressing also came with a clear poly bag instead of a white dust sleeve. Due to the fact that my red copy came with a purple poster, I believe it to be a second pressing. If one of you Bringin' It Down aficionados would care to correct me then please go ahead. Revelation says there were only 3 pressings of this record (that's not including the most recent 2001 "final pressing" on orange), however I have heard of a ton of variations of poster colors with the record so I don't really know what the deal is but I believe Dobek's information is more accurate than Revs. 

The first pressing clearly says "Printed in Canada" while the later pressings were all blanked out with an ugly pink strip, because they weren't printed in Canada. So there you have it. And just for your viewing pleasure, check out these sweet little Judge documentary:


  1. Cool post man. I'm alot of the time more interested in older releases than new ones.

  2. Nice post. You have twice as many copies of this LP than I do!

  3. Hey Mike I had a question for you. So I recently passed my 1GB of free space for the blogspot picture uploads, I was wondering if you used another service or paid them the $3 a month for their unlimited? $3 a month just seems so excessive.

  4. Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about. I've never heard of a limit on space for picture uploads. Weird.

  5. Oh hey, I found this when I was just uploading pictures for a new post.

    You are currently using 388MB (37%) of your 1024MB

  6. Yeah that sounds about right, that is 1GB. Damn it must be because I have been using my girlfriends professional camera for my pictures so they are big ass files. Now I have to upload them to photobucket, but the problem is the photobucket pictures don't seem to show up on smart phones for some reason. I will have to find a loophole I guess, don't really want to pay $3 a month :P