Monday, July 23, 2012

Terrible band name, Not so terrible record

Here is a super slept on release by Atlanta's Bukkake Boys, another band riding that early 80's hardcore revival wave. These guys really don't get the credit they deserve, which is a damn shame because they are really great. They are a bit more fast and thrashy than most of the early 80's revival bands out right now though, they are more similar to Nazi Dust. I originally discovered these guys while looking through the recent Grave Mistake web store updates and headed over to Sorry State to realize they had a limited pressing on magenta vinyl /100! Luckily I was able to snag one, but I think they may be gone now. It's worth a shot. If you like your hardcore super fast and angry as fuck, then this will be worth checking out. 


  1. I have meant to have a listen to these but that name is pretty off putting!

  2. yeah man, finding information on this band through google is no easy task either. Just think about it, try typing "bukkake boys" or even worse "bukkake boys hardcore" into your google search engine... pretty disgusting links start popping up. Some real Dateline, "to catch a predator" type shit. They should have made it bukkake Boyz with a "Z" maybe that would have made it easier Lol.