Friday, January 18, 2013

Clearly Sleeping, Again...

Here is another great record from last year that I slept on for too long. I missed out on all the limited versions and had to settle for the most generic version out of /600. Excellent straight edge hardcore, I don't know why I slept for too long. Oh well. It has proven to be difficult to search for much info on this band with a name like "Clear". I can only imagine trying to find any of their shit on Ebay, might be worse than searching for "Give". 

So I've been in a major slump for not only posting but buying records as well. As I've talked about before, with all the stuff going on this country and the focus on banning guns and ammunition, it's been hard for me to justify any of my limited funds on slabs of wax right now. Once all the smoke clears (no pun intended), I can get back in the game. 

A little food for thought for everyone, regardless of how you may feel about guns or the 2nd Amendment... I encourage people not to celebrate more of their freedoms and liberties being taken away. In years from now there may be an administration who is the opposite, and looking to take away things that you hold dear. Regardless of which way the political tide flows, look at the big picture of our rights being restricted or not. 

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  1. I've completely slept on this. Keep meaning to try and grab a copy and just keep putting it off or forgetting